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Joos blender black color

worth choosing

Because it is a powerful, easily washable and irreplaceable helper in everyday life.

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Joos blender safe materials

Safe. Made of ecological materials. Approved by CE, ROHS, FCC.

About JOOS

To make it even easier and to include fast and healthy snacks in the daily diet, we have partnered with Super Garden partners to prepare smoothies for freeze-dried (lyophilized) fruits, vegetables and berries.

All you have to do is add water, plain or vegetable milk and the cocktail will be ready - you won't waste a minute.

Such smoothies are suitable for the whole family, in a hurry, exercising, taking care of a healthy diet, even sweets.

JOOS erasers are designed for the modern person and family.

They are powerful, can crush anything in less than half a minute, even ice cubes.

Rechargeable via USB and fully charged can perform up to 15 beatings.

You can use it, over and over again, as you only need to wash a drop of detergent and water, shake, drain, rinse and JOOS ready for work again.

Like most businesses, JOOS was born with the ambition and desire to make everyday life easier.

Simple to

It's simple. Add your favorite ingredients, screw lid on and sligtly tilt to the side the JOOS blender. Press the button and you have smoothie that took only 30 seconds.

About all of you - JOOS users

You are an athlete who spends a lot of time training, in the stadium, on the court, on the pitch, in the arena, on the field or anywhere else.


The JOOS portable blender, does not require either a kitchen or an electric plug, will help you quickly regain and replenish your strength,


Food made with JOOS is healthy, fresh and nutritious.


The blender is compact and lightweight, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

Smoothie with with almonds and dates

Controlling your weight or cleansing your body. Portable blender is number one for adjusting weight.

Healthy and low-calorie smoothies are a quick way to the desired results.

Not sure where to start? Try a professionally designed, cleansing and weight-reducing smoothies recipes.

Joos blender white color and two smoothie with greens

You take care of your and your children’s healthy diet. With JOOS breakfast will be fast, delicious and nutritious.

It can mash baby food. To interest children who refuse to eat.

It is an indispensable companion for you and your children for picnics in the nature or for an afternoon on the beach.

With JOOS you can easily make homemade, healthy ice cream cocktails. Check our recipes for inspiration.

Joos blender mint color
Pumpkin purees soup

Constantly in a hurry. For those who do not have time for lunch or spend a lot of time on the road, a great alternative to unhealthy snacks - smooties made with a JOOS blender.

Smoothies range from fruit, berries and vegetables, with vegetable milk, yoghurt, cocoa, cereals and nut butter.

With JOOS, you can also prepare purees soups that will be nutritious and delicious.

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